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PMD Tour

-Enjoy a private guided tour to 3 different Ionian City
-See Priene, Miletus and Didyma
-Learn history from your expert local guide 
-Take photos from the best photoshoot points
-Enjoy typical Turkish food in a local restaurant
-Experience life of locals
-Skip-The-Line tickets provided
Explore 3 different Ionian City on the same day with a personal tour guide in a luxury vehicle. Visit Priene, Miletus, and Apollo Temple, learn history from your expert local guide, stopover little villages, and experience the life of the locals, enjoy tasty food from the Aegean kitchen. This is a Private Tour (Vehicle solely reserved for your use) and flexible. Its always up to you to modify your itinerary according to your travel preferences, even during the tour. Skip-The-Line Tickets, Lunch in the local restaurant provided.
According to your private tour pick-up time, meet with your guide, and start your full-day tour. The first visiting place is PRIENE: Despite its small size, Priene was a very important city in ancient times because on its territory stood the Panionium, the central meeting-place and sanctuary of the Ionian Confederacy. The theatre, the temple of Athena, the agora, the Bouleterion, and the temenos of Zeus Olympus will be the steps of this visit. 
MILETUS: Miletus was the principal port and the richest imperium on the Aegean coast. Thales of Miletus believed that there was a fundamental unity beneath the apparent disorder and complexity of nature and he postulated that water was the basic material for all things. The theatre of Miletus is by far the most impressive of the town’s surviving monuments. There is also the council-chamber, marketplace, temples, baths, and Islamic monument: Ilyas Bey Mosque to be visited.
After lunch at the local restaurant continue to Didyma Apollon Temple. Didyma was an ancient Ionian city, the modern Didim, Turkey. The town formed just outside of the sanctuary containing a temple and oracle of Apollo, the Didymaion. Didyma was a neighbor of Miletus. To approach it, visitors would follow the Sacred Way to Didyma. Both Herodotus and Pausanias dated the origins of the oracle at Didyma before the Ionian colonization of this coast. Afterward, you drive back to the departure point.